The property management juggling act

Being a successful property management team member is 90 per cent mindset and 10 per cent knowledge. So how do you manage the challenging issues that we all face and do the little things better?

The 5 elements of stress-free property management

After almost two decades, Loretta Morgan thinks she has worked out the recipe for simplistic and stress free property management.

Dealing with mental illness in property management

When we are dealing with someone who is not necessarily of ‘normal mindset’, where does that leave us in way of risk – both physically and emotionally?

Managing your client’s expectations

NOT all landlords can be satisfied, but the problem can be reduced if you act proactively and deal with the issues before they occur, says Darren Hunter.

Great property photos worth more than a thousand words

Real estate photographer Jonathan Bermann explains the realities of what it takes to take a selling shot.

The very best in property management fees

When it comes to charging fees, there are fees that most people charge, and some that are charged over and above the standard but...

Thought provoking property management tips

Some bright idea, thought-provoking property management tips.

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