The 40 Warning Signs of Illicit Drug Production

Illicit drug production Following on from Part One, we continue with the dangers of illicit drug production in rental properties. This article has been reproduced with...

Identifying growth blockages to grow your rent roll

Are you scratching your head over your growth in 2015?  Are you sure that your office is recognizing all the leads coming through your...

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenant

More often than not, agents and landlords want a well-maintained property that is securely leased and provides income and return on your landlord's investment....

The power of positive and productive communication

No matter how big or small your agency is communication is always the main reason behind the complaints we receive.

5 ways to ‘transform’ in property management

Samantha McLean, joint owner and managing director Elite Magazine says transformation is possible for any real estate agent - one change at a time. She...
mindfulness meditation selfcompassion compassion arpm2016 arpm matthewjohnstone

Mindfulness in real estate: Human doing or human being?

"Real estate is a high energy kind of purpose, you need to have a passion and purpose in doing it" - Matthew Johnstone at ARPM...

Know where your leads are coming from: Deniz Yusuf

ONE of the fundamental things about growing a rent roll is to know where your leads are coming from, and not having the leads leak out of your agency.

What to say to have clients think your way

Discovering effective and simple tips will enable you to negotiate tricky situations and communicate more effectively with your tenants and landlords, says Laura Levisohn, speaking at PPM Group’s national conference in late June 2016.

Getting the finer details right in PM

“The truth means nothing; evidence means everything”. Anyone who works or has worked in property management will likely attest to that statement.

Time management: Get more done in less time

Where does the time go? It’s an oft heard question across all industries today.

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