When it comes to advertising your business, being at the top of search results is the fastest way to get results.

That’s how it works on Google, and it’s the same for real estate advertising on property portals like Rent.com.au.

That’s why using promotional tools like Feature Listings is so important.

Bringing a renter’s attention to your properties is vital to filling your vacancies. But it’s not just house hunters searching Rent.com.au; landlords also search in their suburb when researching information on their investment property. If the only way you advertise online is through your property listings, it’s essential to ensure your agency is visible.

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Feature Listing facts

  • Standard property listings can quickly drop off the first pages of search results in high-volume suburbs
  • More eyeballs on your properties – attracting up to a 500% increase in views
  • Premium design – bigger listings with scrollable photos
  • Promote your agency and property managers
  • Don’t waste dollars or opportunities advertising the wrong listings to the wrong people
  • While upgrades may cost too much on other portals, on Rent.com.au, a Feature Listing upgrade only costs $50 and remains upgraded until leased.


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In Business Development? Use Feature Listings as a BDM tool

Rent.com.au’s Feature Listings play an important role in establishing your agency as a top agent in your area. In the same way that prominent ads with branding were important in Yellow Pages advertising back in the day, the same now applies to online advertising.

Showcasing your properties in you key suburb/s with Feature Listings will help build your profile to Landlords browsing Rent.com.au, as well as helping to bring your days on market down.

A great way to secure a property management

Why not offer a Feature Listings upgrade on Rent.com.au as a sign-up bonus when you’re closing your next Property Management appraisal? Not only will it make a good impression on the landlord, but it’ll also help you secure a quality tenant fast.

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Vendor Paid Advertising

Does your office use Vendor Paid Advertising? You can use Rent.com.au’s Landlord handover brochure to sell upgrades. You’ll also receive a listing upgrade receipt to recover the advertising cost from your landlord should you choose to.

How to upgrade your property to a Feature Listing

  • Sign-in to your Rent.com.au account
  • Go to the Listings page
  • Choose the ‘Upgrade Listing‘ button on the property you would like to upgrade.
  • Select the ‘Upgrade to a Feature Listing’ option
  • Receive a Feature Listing upgrade receipt

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