As a Premium Plan or Highlight Plan office, you have access to a customisable Business Profile page to showcase your property management services. Here’s how to take advantage of this option.

1. Sign in to your account

To sign into your agent account, visit and use your email / username and password. Forgotten your password? Don’t worry! Simply click ‘Forgot password‘ and enter your email address. We’ll email you your password instructions.


2. Your Agent Dashboard

Once you have signed in, you will see your Agent Dashboard. You can read more about your Agent Dashboard here. To get your Business Profile page set up, click Marketing on the top bar (You’ll find it between Dashboard and Listings).

agent dashboard
An example of the Agent dashboard on The marketing tab is at the top to the right of the orange Dashboard logo.


3. Check your details

Under the Marketing tab, you’ll see all the contact information pertaining to your account on, including office details and contact details. Check to ensure these details are correct and up-to-date to ensure you are receiving tenant applications from

4. Update your logo and branding colour

Under Listing details (left-hand side tab), click Logo & branding colour to upload your agency’s logo.

Your branding colour is used with your logo to build your brand identity on Select a colour and click save, or ask your webmaster or designer to send you the HEX value. You can enter it directly into this field.

brand colour
An example of the Logo & branding colour page on


4. Update your message and byline

Under Business Profile (left-hand side tab), click Message & byline. This is where your Business Profile starts to come together. The Business Profile is viewable by tenants and landlords.

Your marketing byline is a short sentence describing your company’s approach / attitude. Your agency may already have one to replicate in this section. Your marketing message is effectively an ‘About Us’ section.

5. Business profile photos

To take full advantage of your new Business Profile, we recommend that you add photos to improve your company image.

Under Business Profile (left-hand side tab), click ‘Photos’. The photo you load will appear in the Find a Property Manager search Highlight or Spotlight ad if you have purchased this option.

business profile6. Preview your Business Profile

While you are adding to your Business Profile, take a moment to preview the set-up. You can preview your profile by clicking ‘View my profile’ on the right-hand side of the page. This shows the live version that potential landlords and tenants will see.


  • Introduce your team
  • Present your office in the best light
  • Remember that higher quality photos will convey an even better impression of your agency’s services. The ideal size is 800 x 600 pixels. JPG, JPEG or PNG file formats are accepted.

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