Standing out in a market is challenging enough. When that market is competitive, it becomes a bigger issue. If your property management team is looking to find an edge, can aid your business to stand out in your space.

A strong, branded presence on dedicated rental portals like makes you stand out in a densely crowded marketplace, where competition has created infinite choices.

Why you need to care about your branding

Today, consumer choice is based on so much more than just pricing. Property owners have endless options and distractions when they’re online looking for an agent to take over the management of their investment property. Having clear branding on a property portal like should make it clear to owners why they should choose you over your competition.

Branding is often sacrificed when promoting rentals due to the high costs charged by the large For Sale portals. That’s where can help with its low-cost options to market to landlords and tenants searching in your service area.

By focusing effectively on your brand, you’ll be able to differentiate yourselves from your competition and have better marketing, something landlords look for when choosing an agent.

                “My business isn’t big enough for me to care about branding”.

We hear it a lot. But truth be told, although branding has many facets, for small businesses branding can be very simple. If implemented, some simple branding techniques can go a long way to help grow your rent roll and fill those vacancies faster and make you stand out from your larger rivals.

Branding benefits on

Improved brand recognition: Having a strong, branded presence on works to build recognition among prospective customers. If a landlord is browsing the search results and looking for a property manager in their area, they recognise that your company is in the running.

Competitive edge in your market: Your agency’s brand is what differentiates you in your market. When your customers back your brand, it helps to lend a competitive edge to your company. The more you build your brand (using tools like RENT’s Premium Plan or Highlight Plan, for example), the more you’ll find your brand elevates and is competitive among other well-known agencies.

Enhanced credibility: Having a strong, well-known agency branding will enhance your credibility with your customers, industry and marketplace as a whole. As you build your credibility, you’ll also build recognition, loyalty and competitiveness. If your brand is credible, you improve your chances of building your rent roll.

Helps your BDMs secure business: Being able to demonstrate your dominance in your key area can help your Business Development Managers show investors how your business is the best choice for managing their property, going the extra mile.

Get in front of the right people on

People searching for their next home, or looking to appoint a property manager are a captive audience. They’re highly invested and interested in their new area. This level of engagement is your opportunity to introduce your agency to a new audience every day.’s agent solutions:

  1. Exclusive Top Listing
    Own the top of the search results in your key suburb 24 hours, 7 days-a-week, regardless of whether you have any available listings. You can choose to promote a single listing, or gallery of listings in that suburb, and includes a link to your profile page too. View example.
  2. Premium Plan
    On the Premium Plan, all your properties are automatically upgraded as Enhanced Listings, our largest ad size. You’ll receive branding on all ads and be listed in our Find a Property Manager Search, plus much more. Read more about the Premium Plan.
  3. Highlight Plan
    All your listings are upgraded for free when you first sign up. Keep your listings enhanced, or select only the properties you want to highlight. Your call. Read more about the Highlight Plan.

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