It’s been a great journey.

Since its establishment in 2007, and particularly in the last 12 months since ASX listing, has undergone a period of rapid and exciting growth. The site continues to gain momentum today: A record 707,772 unique visitors came to the site in May 2016.

One year since ASX listing

Not only that, but traffic has doubled in the last 12 months – some 5.5 million renters and landlords have used the site and page views have increased by 48%. As approaches 100% of agent content with more than 8,500 offices registered, there’s a noticeable shift in agent interaction and engagement.

To all of you we’ve engaged with – thank you for investing in us and our mission to source credible, informative industry updates, while providing value add content for our audience. To those we’re yet to meet – join us. We want to involve you in what we’re building and make sure you’re part of the next steps of our journey.

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