Late rent payments are the ultimate deal-breaker for Australian landlords, with over 70% of property managers giving it the thumbs-down in a survey.

Here are the top eight reasons Aussie property managers might refuse a rental application.

A history of missed rental payments (70.8%)

Late or missed rent payments (70.8%) are the biggest turnoff for property managers, according to a survey by Landlords are likely to reject applicants with a history of late or missed payments, instead favouring those with a solid track record of paying on time.

A negative rental history (i.e. listing on a database) (57.4%)

A negative rental history, such as being listed on a tenancy database (57.4%), is a major red flag for property managers. If an applicant has left a previous property in poor condition or caused extensive damage, their application will likely be rejected. Landlords want responsible tenants who won’t put their investment at risk by causing expensive damage.

Inadequate income for the property (55.6%)

Having an income that doesn’t meet the property’s requirements (55.6%) is a common reason for rental application rejections. Property managers need to ensure that tenants can afford to pay the rent, and they usually require proof of income, such as payslips or bank statements, to verify this. If an applicant can’t provide adequate proof of income, their application is likely to be rejected.

False information on an application (38.9%)

Providing false information on a rental application (38.9%) is a major mistake that can quickly lead to rejection. Property managers commonly run tenancy database checks to verify an applicant’s rental history and uncover any lies or omissions. Fudging the details about rental history or damage is risky and can easily backfire.

References don’t check out (31%)

References that don’t check out (31%) can sink a rental application quickly. If a reference reveals that the applicant has a history of late rent payments or has engaged in unlawful activities, their application will likely be rejected. Property managers rely on references to get a sense of the applicant’s character and responsibility, so a bad reference can be a major red flag.

Insufficient information provided on the application form (18.5%)

Providing insufficient information on a rental application (18.5%) can hurt an applicant’s chances of getting approved. Property managers need complete documentation and information to evaluate each applicant and consider them for tenancy properly. If an application is missing crucial information or documentation, it may not make it to the top of the pile.

Unexplained gaps in their rental history (14.4%)

Unexplained gaps in rental history (14.4%) can be a red flag for property managers. These gaps can suggest that the applicant vacated a property before their lease was up, which could be a cause for concern. However, if the tenant can provide legitimate reasons for the gap, such as travelling or living with family, their application may still be considered.

Applying with pets (7.9%)

While more Australians are owning pets, not all properties are pet-friendly. Applying with pets (7.9%) can be tricky for rental applicants. Property managers may have to consider the landlord’s rules on pets, such as certain size or breed restrictions. However, tenants can improve their chances by providing a Pet Resume and being upfront about their intentions to move in with a furry friend.

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