Australian rental property website has launched its mobile app, designed to provide renters with fingertip access to property search by lifestyle, a personal application profile and renter-specific tools in one place.

The app, launched today, extends’s rental property search experience to offer users the ability to find a property that fits their lifestyle.

“Much like the website, our new mobile app is going to provide customers with the information they need to make better-informed decisions when it comes to their next home,” Chief Executive Officer Greg Bader said.

“As well as listing properties available to rent, we provide several tools designed specifically for renters to improve the renting process and useful information to help them make sense of the journey.

“ is making the rental process faster and more convenient for renters by allowing them to easily search through listings, book inspections and apply for properties from their mobile phone,” Mr Bader said.

No ordinary app – packed with features no renter should be without

  • Search by lifestyle choice. The Rent app lets users work with lifestyle filters to choose their new home with confidence, refining search to show family-friendly neighbourhoods versus good for singles, etc.
  • Create a Renter Resume. Renters can use the Rent app to create a personal renting profile for themselves (and their pets) to improve their chance of success. Renters will also be able to download their Renter Resume .pdf, send it to property managers, and attach it to enquiries and applications.
  • Tools designed for Australia’s renters. Renters can use the Rent app to finance their bond, check their tenancy record or cover their stuff with contents insurance.
  • Unique property details. The Rent app gives you the information you need to find the perfect home, with features like Walk Score, NBN availability and Transit Score to improve the search experience.

Suburb knowledge from the people who know their area best

“Through Renter Resume, our customers have allowed our Suburb Reviews database to grow into one of the most comprehensive renter databases in the country,” Mr Bader said. “Today, this Suburb Reviews data has become the largest-ever lifestyle map of the places we call home – and it’s this information that we’ve used to build our new Lifestyle Search filter.”

“Of course, there’s access to suburb information you can grab from the standard census data, but this information can quickly become stale – with a five-year refresh cycle, that’s hardly surprising. Census data can’t always keep up with lifestyle changes in the suburbs we want to live in.”

“For renters, knowing they can search for their next place by the most up-to-date data is key,” Mr Bader said. “Real renters around Australia are rating each suburb in real-time – that information is always current and will start to show changes in a suburb over time.”

Today, more than 6,500 suburbs across Australia have been reviewed by 98,000 customers across 480,000 categories. This offers a new dimension to why customers choose certain areas, and conversely, the most attractive features of different suburbs.

Combined with Walk Score, Transit Score, NBN Status and suburb pricing information, the Rent app’s new Lifestyle Search option will help renters make informed choices about their next home.

Changing the way Australia’s consumer searches for property

“Domestic migration (people moving to different parts of the country) has never been higher; whether it’s chasing that dream job or simply a change of pace, we’re an increasingly mobile population,” Mr Bader said. “Affordability is still a major issue in some of our cities, with many customers now widening their search but still wanting to maintain their lifestyle choices.”

“We know there’s a real need for a flexible way for Australia’s renting population to find the suburbs that work best with the lifestyle they want for their families and themselves. While suburb search is still a valid tool and is at the core of what we offer, people can now use the Rent app to search for the neighbourhood that offers a match for the lifestyle they’re chasing – not only a great tool for people that are unfamiliar with a new area but also a great tool to uncover those hidden gems you didn’t know about.”

Rent app mobile development

“With a growing focus on customer experience, particularly in the real estate industry, there’s a real need for customers to be able to access all information about a property with just a touch while they’re on the go,” says Head of Development, Adam Tohovitis.

“You can be at a property inspection, and as you’re chatting to the property manager, instantly send them your Renter Resume, making a lasting impression. Further to that, you could find that you’ve fallen in love with the place and within seconds, send an auto-generated application with all your documentation and even a rental history report attached. We are all about making renting easier for people, and our app is our next evolution in achieving this.”

“We are also really excited with the Lifestyle Search feature and the way we can collate hundreds of thousands of data points and return properties matching a user’s lifestyle preferences in fractions of a second”, he said.

“The Rent app is going to provide a lot of information to house hunters, no matter whether they’re searching at home on the couch or out at property inspections.”

“Our mobile app developer, Dapper Apps, in collaboration with our in-house design team, have integrated our mobile app with custom backend systems and data sets that are going to offer a seamless experience for mobile app users while they browse through listings and create their Renter Resume.”

The Rent app is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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