Property management is a solitary profession which, in most cases, involves escorting strangers into sometimes vacant properties at a moment’s notice. Advertising – typically accompanied by a property manager’s photograph and phone number – is also a typical requirement for the majority of agents in Australia. 

While safety training is offered on an ad hoc basis by individual agents or associations around Australia, in America personal protection is taken to a whole new level.

Darren Hunter, a business consultant and trainer to the property management industry, specialises in working with agents to make more from their rent rolls. On a recent visit to America, Darren spoke to business owners at the National Association Residential Property Managers state conference in Virginia.

Only in America…

On his Facebook page, Darren posted a series of photos and cheeky commentary around products on special to conference delegates  at the ‘Damsel in Defense‘ sponsor booth. “Feel like you need to protect yourself in PM?” he asked.

Photo: (Facebook)

“This one has an 8 million volt shock, and doubles up as a phone charger too – so you don’t need to carry a power pack!” Darren said. “It comes with a convenient little pouch. You can carry this on your belt when door-knocking for late rent or heading to tribunal.”

“Their concealed hand bags are also designed to carry a 45-calibre handgun, instead of the usual 9mm hand gun.”

Photo: (Facebook)
Photo: (Facebook)

While a personal alarm might be the only item the industry would be prepared to accept in Australia, the need for stun guns (in your choice of colour – including pink) will be mind boggling to many!

“As for the people about to shout me down – yes, these are highly illegal in Australia, and no I won’t be bringing any back, and yes – I’m just joking,” Darren said.

You can keep up with Darren Hunter’s work via his Facebook page or through his website.

Photos reproduced with permission of Darren Hunter. 

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