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Rent.com.au‘s Local Ads for agents place your agency in the middle of all rental listings, keeping your business top-of-mind for landlords and renters searching your suburbs.

Local Ads place your agency right where the action is, with your ad appearing twice on each page of the search results for that suburb.

With just ONE Local Ad agency per suburb, your office can be the boss in your chosen suburbs and lock out any competition.

Regardless of whether you have any available stock at the time in that suburb, your Local Ad keeps promoting your agency on every search, every time, in your chosen suburb.

Can you afford not to?

Rent.com.au is one of the top 3 property portals* in Australia and we’re purely dedicated to rentals.

With our unique features, such as NBN status, a Walk Score rating on every property and our easy-to-use Renter Resume online application feature, renters are spending longer on Rent.com.au doing their research – so put your agency front and centre.

Local Ads are great – there’s no lock-in contract, so you can cancel anytime you like.

Local ads


Create your Local Ad in minutes

Rent.com.au makes it simple to create your Local Ad. The easy-to-use editing tool only requires a photograph, a small amount of text and a link to your website.

With Local Ads, you’re in control. No need to worry about graphic designers or agencies – it’s as simple as publishing a Facebook post.

Got questions?

Our Customer Care team is here to answer any questions you might have. Call Rent.com.au on 1300 736 810 or flick an email to looklocal@rent.com.au

* REA/Hitwise October 2017

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