Samantha McLean, joint owner and managing director Elite Magazine says transformation is possible for any real estate agent – one change at a time.

She offered her Top 5 tips on How to Transform at the recent ARPM 2016 conference in Sydney.

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How to transform your… 

Personal brand: Do you know what happens when you type your name and your agency into Google? Usually you’ll see your online profile right at the top. Get online and fill out that online profile as a quick win. Make sure your social platforms are complete. Input your database into Facebook – it’s an easy way to target the relevant audience with your content. The moral of the story: If you’re going to market on Facebook, you might as well market to the right people.

Online presence: Become a local property library and answer people’s questions. So what do you do? Go through your emails, look at every single question, group them into batches of 10 and jump in front of a video camera and answer those questions on video. Your website is something that belongs to you, but Facebook’s audience doesn’t belong to you. If you spend more time on your website and your email list – you own and control that list. By all means, build followers on those platforms, but they’re not yours – they’re rented.

Capacity to achieve: We’ve probably all felt the difference between capacity and potential. Even in the publishing business we consider having to open up our capacity. Fitness is about mental fitness (your ability to cope with day to day), physical fitness (how your body can cope with stress) and emotional fitness (are you able to balance work/life?) They’re 3 important factors in opening up capacity. Then there are other systems. Imagine someone calls and asks for an appraisal on a few properties they want you to manage. If you are unprepared, that causes extreme stress. When recruiting people, the last thing you do is ask for references. In property management, have 10 properties you manage as references – send them onto people you want to secure properties from.

Local knowledge: Sign up for regular alerts from portals like Set these alerts as if you were a tenant looking for properties in X area in a specified price range. Know what’s on the market. When you go to provide awesome service – and it may be that it’s not someone who is currently your client – consider the crossover (a tenant could be a property manager, etc). This will give you the ability to say, ‘We don’t have anything currently, but X agency does at the moment.’ Immerse yourself in your local area. I think it’s worthwhile tracking ‘For Sale’ properties – if you see ‘investor’ in the description, there may be a chance to manage it at some point.

Attitude to change: You have to be prepared to adjust in your own habits whatever may be holding you back. What got you here, won’t get you there. What got you to 200 managements will not get you to 1,000. There has to be a big change there. Believe that you can do more, climb that mountain to where you want to be. Fear of change is not the way to go. Be curious about change, not afraid.