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The Smart Plan

Your new zero-risk marketing tool.
(Seriously. No risk.)

  • No Risk - pay a low $75 for the listing only if we find you a tenant

  • All your listings are upgraded to our largest size automatically

  • Your Office listed for FREE in Find a Property Manager

  • Rich renter information delivered electronically

  • All of your properties come with a $100 Gift Card for the successful applicant

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Introducing the Smart Plan

Where we find you a tenant, or you pay nothing.

With the Smart Plan you only pay when you get results's Smart Plan allows you to advertise your rentals with no risk - you only pay a low $75 for the listing when we find you a tenant.

And if we don't find you a tenant?

The listing is 100% free.

Here's what you get

All your listings are upgraded

Every listing you place with us (including your existing ones) are upgraded to our largest advertisement, for free. Your larger ads have improved visibility and your logo appears on all listings.

  1. Our biggest advertisement
  2. Features your logo
  3. Includes Walkability Score
  4. Attract even more renters to your listing with a $100 gift card when they lease your property.

    Included FREE as part of your Smart Plan!

Regular Listing

Smart Plan listing

Promote your business for free

Our Smart Plan also gives you a Business Profile listing on our 'Find a Property Manager' search, promoting your property management services to landlords.

  1. Your office listed in 'Find a Property Manager' in your suburb and surrounding suburbs
  2. A link to your Business Profile page with contact details and listings
  3. Management leads from landlords with properties in your suburb

The position of your business listing in 'Find a Property Manager' is based on the date you sign up on the Smart Plan. The earlier you sign up, the higher you'll appear.

Better renter information, delivered electronically

Access the applicant's Renter Resume, giving you even more information such as their photo, biography, references and more. You can also opt in to receive applications electronically for your convenience.

  1. Applicant photo and information
  2. Applicant's pet details
  3. Applications received electronically

All enquiries and applications can be viewed, selected and declined on a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Manage your applicants and listings in one, easy to use dashboard

Your Smart Plan includes an easy-to-use applications & enquiry management dashboard. View applicant Renter Resume details, electronic applications, and email enquiries. The dashboard also includes useful statistics on activity for your listings.

How the Smart Plan works

Step 1

All your properties get upgraded to our biggest advertisement

Step 2

Renters enquire / apply for property via

Step 3

Renter is approved by you

Step 4

Only then is your office invoiced $75. We never charge without letting you know is Australia's #1 website dedicated to rental property.

More than 600,000 Renters and Landlords visit each month.*

A growing and unique renter audience

  • Around 6.5 million unique visitors in the last year*
  • Over 60% of the audience did not visit**

Gain access to a range of products and services designed to help you, your tenants and landlords:

*Source: AC Nielsen Market Intelligence Report December 2016, Google Analytics.
**AC Nielsen Duplication Report January 2017.

Need more information?

Check out the FAQs below or alternatively call's Customer Service team on 1300 736 810 or email us for pricing details to help you get started.


What is the Smart Plan?

Under's industry-first "Leased or it's Free" model (the Smart Plan), property managers can list their rental properties with the biggest ads, on for free, and will only pay for a listing when they find and approve a tenant through

Property managers can still list their property under the basic free model (at no charge, ever) but will only have access to limited features compared to the Smart Plan option, and their logo won't appear on the listings. So the Smart Plan is definitely the way to go.

These FAQ's are designed to explain how the new Smart Plan will benefit you and your real estate agency. Be sure to read them thoroughly. If you have any questions, call on 1300 736 810 or email .

How does the Smart Plan work and how much does it cost?

The Smart Plan offers you and your property management team premium advertising at no upfront cost – and you will pay a low advertising fee of $75 for the property only when an approved tenant is sourced through No tenant, no charge!

When you approve a tenant, we will check to see if they enquired or applied through If this was the case, we will send you a confirmation email. Your office will receive an invoice for any approved tenants who were sourced through

You only pay the fee for the property, so even if there is more than 1 tenant on the lease, you only pay the one fee.

Need more information? Call's Customer Service team on 1300 736 810 for pricing details to help you get started.

What benefits does the Smart Plan offer?

Here's what you get with the Rent Smart Plan:

  • Our biggest ad size: All your listings will be enhanced to our largest format advertisement, with large photo. Your agency branding will also appear on all listings, including email alerts.
  • Tenant guarantee: If we don't find you a tenant, your listing is free. Simple.
  • Major point of difference: Benefits all your Landlords
  • Promote your agency: Under the Smart Plan, you'll get:
    • A Business Profile page, promoting your property management services to landlords looking for a property manager, together with links to all your listings on
    • Fully branded listing in the Find a Property Manager search, for landlords looking to appoint a property manager
How long is the contract term?

There is no lock-in contract. We are so sure you will love the Smart Plan and its benefits we don't see the need for a lock-in contract. We just require 30 days notice, that's all.

Can I recover the $75 advertising fee from my landlord?

Absolutely. We send you a receipt covering the charging of the $75 fee so you can charge your landlord if you wish to. Note your office will only be charged the following month, as a lump sum, for any successful ads placed in the previous month. No tenants, no charge. Not sure how to get vendor paid advertising from landlords? Read this great article from top trainer Darren Hunter.

Can I make the property a Feature Property?

Yes. You can upgrade any property to a Feature property, so it appears in the top of the Search Results for 30 days, for the discounted price of $50. Note that this fee is charged at the time of upgrade, and is not based on whether you get the tenant through You will receive an invoice showing the cost, which you can use to recover the cost from the landlord if you wish to.

What if I got the tenant from somewhere other than

We understand that you will get tenants through other sources. If you are on the Smart Plan our policy is you only pay for tenants you sourced through your advertising on If you find you have a tenant apply via, and you were already contacted by the tenant earlier from somewhere else, you will not have to pay.

You can contact our Customer Care team to discuss any issue.

Why should I advertise my rental properties on is Australia's #1 website dedicated to rental property and delivers a single marketplace for Renters, Agents and Landlords. As a Agent, you can reach a bigger, unique Renter audience.

Did you know?

  • More than 600,000 Renters and Landlords visit each month
  • Over 55% of traffic did not visit REA, and over 75% didn't visit Domain
    • Source: AC Nielsen Market Intelligence Duplication Report November 2016.

Consider this: Your competitors are already advertising with us. More than 9,000 offices are currently on board, contributing to the 75,000+ active rental listings on is fully compatible with all major upload systems, as well as Rockend REST and Console.

When you advertise your properties on, you gain access to a range of products designed to help you, your landlords, and your tenants, such as Renter Resume, RentReports, and RentCheck.

You'll have access to a range of options designed to maximise your exposure to Landlords and Renters, and you'll receive regular training tips from Australia's top coaches.

I'm already on a paid subscription with, but I'd like to be on the Smart Plan. Can I switch?

The great news is that as an existing Feature agent, your listings have already been updated to enhanced listings with all the Smart Plan benefits, however the normal $75 fee per tenanted property will be waived for you for a trial period. You will be contacted before the end of the complimentary Smart Plan trial to see if you would like to upgrade to the Smart Plan.

This means all your listings stand out, get the additional benefits of the Smart Plan for free, and you will continue to have all the benefits of your current Feature Plan including your upgrade credits.

To upgrade to the Smart Plan permanently, or to discuss your options, simply call us on 1300 736 810 or email and speak to our Customer Service team.

How does the Smart Plan compare to other online marketing tools?

Properties promoted via the Smart Plan attract more views and enquiries than standard free listings, and attract tenants who have completed their applications in full. Click here to opt-in for the Smart Plan call us on 1300 736 810 or email for more information.

Is my upload system compatible with

If you use Rockend REST, Console Gateway, or an portal upload system you should be able to load your rentals to View a list of all compatible systems.