Artists have created LEGO homes


Genius artists have incorporated everyone’s favourite toy into their designs and created the most stunning LEGO homes.

I sometimes wonder if LEGOs are the greatest toy ever, or if they are the greatest toy ever. (Ok, technically I should say ‘LEGO is’, because LEGO, if you didn’t know, is plural and refers to the entire system, but I grew up calling them LEGOs, dammit, and that’s a hard habit to shake.) I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t cherish memories of those little colored blocks with which you could create literally anything. It does seem a bit disappointing that the grown-up world is make of boring things like bricks and metal studs and drywall. But a few enterprising folks, adult-ness notwithstanding, have found ways to incorporate LEGO into their (real life, life-sized) furniture and homes.

In this first, most impressive example of LEGO at home, LEGO bricks make up an entire staircase in an NYC apartment spotted on Freshome. The installation was created by Sean Kenney, one of only two people in New York recognized as a ‘licensed LEGO artist’. Now there’s a dream job.

This is the conference room table at Dublin advertising firm Boys and Girls, designed by abgc. The table has a steel structure and is made from 22,742 LEGO pieces.

There’s even a tiny steering wheel hidden somewhere in the table.

A little bit closer to home is this LEGO island, located in a Paris kitchen spotted on Dwell. Simon Pillard and Philippe Rossetti, the two designers behind the project, say that the 20,000 colorful bricks that form the island provide an “emotional release”.

Credit: Apartment Therapy. Images. Freshome; abgc; Dwell