Landlords react to bad tenant behaviour


Most renters give little thought to how they communicate with their property manager or landlord. Considering that around 7 million Australians are renting today, it’s surprising that so few of us really understand how to communicate effectively with the people managing our properties.

Almost every one of these landlord-tenant relationships last a minimum of six months, and some last many years.

We’ve all heard some renter and landlord horror stories. Here are a few classic examples of landlords who had JUST enough of their tenants:

This landlord, who is really not kidding

At least he wrote “love” at the end. He’s probably a pretty nice guy when it comes down to it.

This landlord, who is so fed up with unauthorised parking that he/she is willing to deflate tenants’ car tires

Yes, that’s definitely illegal. So just don’t have a car I guess?

This landlord, who said “I’m going to start charging people to use the elevator”

Okay, this one is impossible to defend.

This landlord, who really doesn’t care about your mouse problem that much


Honestly though, this is a pretty hilarious solution to the problem, even if it screams “tough, deal with it.”

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